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  • Using C++ Namespaces Safely
    You may be tempted to put “using namespace std;” at the top of your C++ files. Here’s a much safer alternative.
  • Printing Formatted Strings in C++20
    This post describes an interim replacement for the missing formatted print() function in C++20.
  • Install PyCharm for Bill Weinman’s Python courses
    How to install PyCharm for use with my Python courses
  • New C++ Courses
    New for 2021, updated lessons, new challenges and exercises, and a new final project at the end of the course.
  • Upgrading the BearHouse network
    About to install a new Ubiquiti network in BearHouse
  • On Working From Home
    A few tips for those new to working from home.
  • How I Got Thrown in Facebook Jail
    … and why I’m not mad about it.
  • BW Whois Retired
    After 19 years of providing whois services I have retired bw-whois and related services as of 18 March […]
  • Locating meta-data in SQLite
    How can I check the table and column names in SQLite?
  • To all the sites that carp about my ad blocker
    I use an ad blocker in order to protect myself and my equipment from those who would abuse my trust for nefarious purposes. On the other hand, I understand your need to show ads that generate revenue to support your site.
  • WordPress Sucks
    Allow me to explain. I did not want to hate WordPress. I wanted to love it. I wanted […]
  • Finally!
    After 25 years I’ve finally gotten around to updating my web site. Why did it take so long?

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